Traveling to Denia, a place to live.

Located in a privileged corner of the Levantine coast, this coastal town treasures 15 km of beaches of fine and clear sand and small coves of great beauty, a mild climate and waters that form a unique marine reserve in the entire Mediterranean coast. Denia breathes history in every corner of the city. Whether in the charming fishing district “Baix la Mar”, with its squares, narrow streets and colorful houses, or the Les Roques neighborhood, where it is a pleasure to get lost in its network of streets and low houses, see more Properties for Sale in Denia.

Another mandatory point in our visit is the Denia Castle, of Islamic origin, which later served as a fortress for piracy. It is considered the city with the most festivals in Spain, being the summer time when you can enjoy the greatest number of festivals and traditions. The Fallas, the Moors and Christians, the night of San Juan or the traditional “Bous a la Mar” are some of the festivities that you cannot miss if they coincide with the dates of your trip.

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